Used Catering Trailer For Sale VS New Catering Trailer For Sale

Used Catering Trailer For Sale VS New Catering Trailer For Sale

Used Catering Trailer For Sale VS New Catering Trailer For Sale

Are You Looking For a Used Catering Trailer For Sale?


One of the biggest decisions in buying a catering trailer is deciding whether to buy a used catering trailer or a brand new catering trailer.


The question is which is one is actually better for you?

Searching The Catering Trailer Market

A quick google search brings up many second-hand and used catering trailers all over the UK. Sites such as eBay, gumtree, Facebook market place and pre-loved have thousands listed.

With so many options and such conflicting information about the best ways to buy catering trailers, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what is best for your business.

Who Doesn’t Love a Bargain?

Many second-hand trailers seem very attractive based on their initial cost. You can pick a second-hand catering trailer up on eBay for a few hundred pounds and be ready to go, right?

Not necessarily, catering trailers tend to hold their price better than cars and so the price differences can be negligible. Sellers can price their trailers based on them fulfilling their needs, not those of someone else. Based on our (and our client’s) experiences in the long run used catering trailers can be somewhat of a false economy.

If you factor in your time, general repairs, trailer maintenance, physical adjustments, equipment, running costs, legal obligations, insurance, and chances of a breakdown whilst moving a used trailer could be a much more costly purchase. This is especially so when you can purchase many new catering trailers on finance.

This, of course, can also apply to cheaper, lower-quality new catering trailers. Will you be fitting it out with cheap, low-quality equipment and expect it to last? We didn’t think so. It’s always worth asking questions about build quality and long-term usage.

Used catering trailers for sale on ebay

Know Your Catering Trailer Needs

Even if a business plan is written on the back of a beer mat it will still have implications for the type and size of the trailer you will need. Hopefully, yours is a little more detailed and can provide you with some specifics to look for. If you research these and know them in-depth then you stand a better chance of finding the catering trailer that is perfect for your business. If you include the quality of build, fittings, and fixtures you can make sure your dream catering trailer is also going to last.

Lucky for you we have written a guide to choosing the right catering trailer for you.

Thinking Beyond The Short Term

When looking at used catering trailers for sale alongside their new counterparts each choice has its distinct advantages and disadvantages.

It comes down to realistically looking at your long-term business plan and budget. We’ll list the main pros and cons of buying used and new catering trailers. So that you can make the best decision for yourself and your business.

new vs second hand used catering trailer choice

Buying a Used Catering Trailer

If you want to own a catering trailer but are hesitant to invest in a brand new trailer you may be considering buying a used catering trailer.


  • Can be initially cheaper than new trailer
  • Equipment may already be installed
  • Fast lead time


  • Higher risk of costly repairs and maintenance
  • Unknown wear and tear/ damage history
  • Lower life expectancy
  • Safety inspection required – may not be VOSA approved.
  • Rarely buy on finance
  • Harder to customise to your specific needs
  • Rarely include delivery
  • Harder to verify the credibility of the seller
  • Designed for someone else’s needs
  • Layed out for someone else’s business
  • Rarely includes warranties
  • You have to avoid all the online scams
  • Greater time spent researching and visiting

Buying a New Catering Trailer

If you have a budget that fits a new catering trailer is a very worthwhile investment. It will help you avoid costly repairs in the future.


  • Custom made specifically to your needs
  • Maximal efficiency for your business
  • No wear and tear or undisclosed damages
  • Reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and major repairs
  • Usually have great warranties
  • Fresh, clean, and polished appearance
  • VOSA approved
  • Can be delivered to you
  • Can be cheaper in the long run
  • Experienced advice and guidance from supplier/ manufacturer
  • No visiting time required
  • Credibility of seller easy to check
  • Brand and customise exterior easily
  • All new electronics and mechanical features
  • Can be paid for using finance


  • Can be a larger initial financial investment
  • Customization requires longer lead times
New vs used catering trailer

Our Custom Made Catering Trailers Are All New

We have worked with hundreds of used catering trailers and vans in the past, restoring them, converting them, and upgrading them. In the end, almost every single one brought with it its own hidden costs in terms of time and budget. We found ourselves dealing with customers who had had their dreams shattered and business plans put on hold.

Invest In Peace Of Mind

Now, cut to the present day, all of our custom catering trailers are new. One of the things you are buying from us when you invest in one of our catering trailers is peace of mind. You know it is not only built just for you and your business needs but is legal and safe, and it will be wonderful for you to work in.

All of our trailers come with a one-year “back to base” warranty. In terms of size, layout, styling, and equipment your trailer is built specifically to your requirements.

new custom built catering trailer red lining
new catering trailer sinks and electrical design

Our advice is to go to an approved trailer manufacturer, as they cannot sell you something that is illegal or unsafe, and will make sure that it comes with all the correct documentation.


Nationwide Caterers Association

Catering Trailer Insurance

The greater the risk the greater the cost of insurance will be. Not for your catering trailer but also for your business needs.

A second-hand/used catering trailer may involve greater costs when looking for insurance. There are three main types of insurance required for running a catering trailer business.

Commercial Catering Trailer Auto insurance

Covers damage caused by the trailer (and towing vehicle) to other people’s vehicles, property, or injuries to them. This type of insurance is especially important to research when looking for a used catering trailer for sale.

Public Liability insurance

Covers against legal costs and claims for compensation made for damage and injuries caused by your business activities. An essential part being Product Liability. This specifically covers compensation claims for injury or property damage caused by any product you sell.

This cover would protect your catering business against claims should a customer became ill after consuming food cooked in your trailer.

Employers Liability

Legally required if you are employing someone. Covers against claims for compensation from employees (or former employees) who are injured or become ill through working for you.

You may also want to investigate some insurance extras:

frozen food cover (if required), replacement vehicle cover and business income insurance

Advice When Buying A Used Trailer

1. Do Your Research

Know in-depth what a catering trailer needs to have in order to be both legal and safe in the UK, especially if the trailer you are looking at buying doesn’t come with all of the features you require.

Find out and look up the manufacturer and check out the reviews. If the reviews are weighted towards the negative, then stay away from them. If it is a company selling the trailer also check out their reviews, the same rule applies. Was it built in the UK, what is the build quality?

Look at the age of the trailer and make sure it’s been well looked after, the older the trailer the higher the chance of hidden problems rearing their ugly heads in the future.

Are there large pictures in the advert you can inspect? Can you ask the seller questions and receive clear answers before viewing?

If you are buying from a dealer or company ask for a warranty, also find out what is and is not included in their warranty. If your purchase isn’t backed up with a good warranty you need to be asking yourself why.

2. Things To Look Out For

If it looks bad in the photos, it really will be bad. Generally, photos will be taken to make the catering trailer look as good as it can.

Is the model and make correct and does the listed equipment tally with what you can see in the photos? Any discrepancies need to be sounding alarm bells.

Are there any indicators of damage such as paint patches and filling? Think about how was the damage caused and what this may mean for the rest of the trailer and its structural integrity.

Is the price greatly lower than it should be (as with new catering trailers)? This can be a potential warning sign of a scam or a trailer that has been used to death.

Is it built with high-quality materials that can stand wear and tear? How easy will it be to clean?

Is the equipment well looked after, chances are if the equipment is well maintained and functions well, so is the trailer itself.

Beware cheap fittings and fixtures, have they just been added? They could be covering a multitude of sins.

3. Visit It

Spend some time looking around and inspecting it, know what questions to ask and where to look for telltale signs of potential future problems. If the condition is other than that advertised, walk away.

Think of, measure and move about in the space. Is it the size that you need now and how will it fit in with future plans? Check the electrics work well and carry CE marks.

Check the documentation, food hygiene rating, VOSA, gas, and electrical (where needed) certificates and if any work on the gas and electrics has happened after the certificates were issued. You should be able to check the dates on any LPG hosing.

Find out how much it will be to insure, the owner should have policy documents they can show you.

Check the ventilation, hatches and doors are they adequate for your needs?

4. Never buy on impulse

Like buying a car or house you shouldn’t be pressured into buying a used catering trailer. If the owner is coming across too salesy it may be time to step away. With some ridiculously low prices around remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Things To Check For On a Second-Hand Catering Trailer

There are too many horror stories of people buying used catering trailers that looked amazing online (or even inspecting by eye) but in reality cost them dearly. So here are a few things to watch out for when you do your due diligence.

  • What equipment is included and what condition it is in
  • Warranties
  • Look at the documentation
  • Hatch size
  • Electrical certificates
  • Chassis condition
  • Gas piping and electrical cabling
  • Food grade lining
  • Fireproofing
  • Sealing/leaks
  • State of the jockey wheel
  • Reason for sale
  • Axles and coupling quality
  • VOSA certification
  • Age of trailer (manufacturers plate serial number)
  • Hidden dirt build-up
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Hand and pot washing facilities
  • History

I bought a used catering trailer from eBay. It looked great and came with current gas and electric certificates. It had stainless steel liner all round, two hatches, spotlights in the roof, fold away signs and even a generator were all included in the price – I saved a tidy packet!

I was absolutely buzzing when I won the auction and spent most of a business loan on it.
Two weeks in and I noticed a creaking when walking about the floor. Turns out the base lining hid a completely rotten framework underneath, the further in I dug the worse it got. I had to spend so much money on having it stripped back and re-built, I was fuming.

At the same time, I decided to get the gas and electric checked. Better safe than sorry, right? I couldn’t believe it, the chassis, lights and even the generator were not earthed. It had been rewired by some idiot using illegal cables twisted together and fixed in place with Sellotape!

I could go on and on about the niggly things I have found including the cracked gas pipes and leaking roof. Four months down the line and it’s nearly all sorted now, but has cost me almost twice the price I bought it for. I’ve missed the main festival season for this year, so will have to try to recoup next.

So, here’s a warning to all of you buying a used catering trailer. Watch what you buy (especially sold as seen), pull all the equipment out, check dates on piping and electricians’ records and certificates to see if any more recent changes have been made. Look right underneath the chassis and give it a good poke with a screwdriver, ask to see all electricals working and try to view it on a rainy day.

I met a chap at a catering supplier who bought a used trailer that needed brakes and didn’t have them. But that’s not the worst of it, some electrical fault casued a fire in it overnight and that was it, game over… poor bugger. My advice to starters – It’s your money, be clever with it, look at buying a new trailer even if it costs you more to start with.

Dave's Grill

New Catering Trailers Without The Worries

Of course with our custom-built trailers, you don’t have to worry about any of these factors. We build specifically to your requirements and only use quality materials (for example Aluminium Composite Sheeting, not GRP). We thoroughly quality-check our trailers and will only supply them to you with VOSA testing approval. You can see examples of our custom-built trailers in our gallery of catering trailer photographs here.

What Next?

When buying a catering trailer take a considered look at your current budget and business plan, both sort, medium and long term. Think about future costs and having the trailer built around you and your business.

Do your research as used catering trailers for sale are not necessarily cheaper than new in terms of time, effort or finance.

Your Dream Catering Trailer

If you would like to find out how much your dream trailer would cost, designed around your specifications you can quickly fill out our instant quote form here:

If you require further advice when choosing our trailer you can use our decades of expertise by calling us on 07702 794600

A Reliable Hot Water System For Catering Trailers?

A Reliable Hot Water System For Catering Trailers?

A Reliable Hot Water System For Catering Trailers?

Hot Water Systems For Catering Trailers

Many people looking to order a quality catering trailer have been asking us about the possibility of a hot water system for catering trailers.

As a small, family-run business our customers are our number one priority. We are constantly listening to their needs and adjusting our services accordingly.

Don’t get us wrong our hand whale pumps are brilliant, a simple design for a simple solution. With more and more caterers supplying hot drinks and requiring hot water for hand/ equipment washing we took up the challenge.

Our Task

Could we source a high quality, easy to use and reliable means of supplying hot water compact enough to include in our custom trailer builds?

Hot water tap with steam

Researching A Hot Water System For Catering Trailers

Over the second half of 2020, we set about researching available methods, suppliers and brands. This process involved quite a bit of head-scratching, measuring, drawing, designing and redesigning.

Finally, with a handful of quality products in the line up the testing phase was now the most important.

Catering trailers hot water systems deliveries

Testing A Hot Water Systems For Catering Trailers

Not only did the chosen system need to physically work with the sinks and below counter storage, it had to integrate with our electrics package. Equally important was its usability. Our chosen product need to be reliable, fast to produce hot water and simple to use.

In the end we narrowed it down to a combination of quality products, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Measuring catering trailers hot water storage compartments

The Solution

We are proud to introduce our Hot and Cold Water Pump with LCD Tap for catering trailers:

LCD display hot water tap mixer with stainless steel sinks in catering trailer

Below The Counter

A Compact-Sized Flow Jet BW5000

The Flow Jet uses proven electric diaphragm pump technology. This ensures reliability and operational excellence (more than seven million units in service).


  • Illuminated On/Off Switch: Provides clear visibility in dark or hard-to-reach places
  • Long-Life Motor: Ensures years of reliable operation
  • Flojet Diaphragm Pump: Runs dry without damage, extending pump life
  • Quick Connect Port: Speeds installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing
  • Quiet Operation: Minimizes noise pollution with noise dampening rubber feet
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Prevents overheating, protecting the pump and control box from damage
FloJet Bottled Water Systems Pump In Catering Trailer

Above The Counter

A 360 Degree LED Tap

We specifically chose a tap system made from high quality 304 stainless steel. This strengthens its anti-corrosion, anti-fade and wear-resistance performance. Stainless steel also fits with the aesthetic of our sinks.


  • Easy Display: Backlit LED digital display to clearly show the water temperature
  • Ergonomics: 360 degree rotation for easy movement over the sinks
  • Hot/ Cold Mixing: Water flow easily adjusted to change the water temperature
Stainless Steel Hot Water Tap In Catering Trailer

In Summary

It has taken us some time to choose, test and develop our hot water system. We believe our work has paid off and it is the answer our customers are looking for.

An easy to use, compact and reliable way to provide hot and cold water in our custom-built catering trailers

From an environmental perspective, this solution is a no brainer. Our hot/ cold water system uses a combined power outage of 3.5kw, which is one of the most energy-efficient we tested. By eliminating the need for water filters, it can keep more than 300,000 water filters a year out of landfills.

You can now find our hot/ cold water system available as a selection in the “extra Choices” section of our instant quote form.

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up Instant custom catering box trailer quote form

If you have any questions about our hot/ cold water system or custom-built catering trailers in general please do get in touch.

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up?

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up?

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up?

Custom Made Trailer Pricing Trends

You may or may not know but the price of custom made trailers has increased recently. We are all used to a gradual rise in the cost of goods year on year. However, the recent increase in costs is certainly not in line with this expected trend.

And, quite rightly many of our customers are asking why?

Why has the price of trailers gone up? Custom made catering trailer in production

So, Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up Recently?

The answer, in a nutshell, is that the price of pretty much everything has gone up recently. This includes the price of used catering trailers for sale. But that’s not very helpful, so let’s elaborate.

The cost price of producing high-quality trailers has dramatically increased in a relatively short space of time. We can break this down to give you a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes:

What Materials Have Increased In Price Recently?

It seems that we receive notifications every couple of weeks from our suppliers that their prices are increasing. Within the last few months (as with many industries) we have seen our supplier’s price of materials skyrocket as the availability plummets.

For example. In the last quarter our supplier prices for :

Metals and aluminium have risen by 25%

Trailer axles by 10%

Galvanised Steel by 25%

Wheels by 20%

Lighting kits by 20%

And copper cabling: 20%

Why Have Trailer Material And Product Prices Increased?

A good question, and one we have been asking our suppliers and contacts in the industry in general. The answers we are getting back vary greatly and appear to be much more complex than the question. They are centred on current difficulties in supply and demand. For a really in-depth review of the commodities market, you can see This Article on The Live Mint.

Metal base for catering trailer with twin axles in SBTrailers workshop

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up – Import Complications

When we ask the question “Why has the price of trailers gone up?” many suppliers mention imports. It’s not as simple as blaming Brexit, although it is a major contributing factor. There are now problems throughout the supply chain and with imports through customs. These all have a ‘knock-on effect’ on the pricing of imported materials.

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up – Supply Chain Problems

Covid and the resulting lockdowns have also contributed to rising costs. With factories closing throughout the supply chain at there are now major production delays and restrictions on supply. Sawmills, Steel production plants etc. are still in recovery.

Raw molten steel being poured in steel production plant

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up – Difficulties With Demand

The awareness of difficulties in supply (the toilet roll effect) and a rising need for the materials now mean that demand has greatly increased. This occurred at the same time as the reduction in supply. Other markets require very similar materials and products. For example, the motorhome and building industries are now booming. This is adding great weight to the demand.

What are we doing about it?

SB Trailers is a small, family-owned business. We want to put our customers first. We concentrate on the quality of our service/ product over profit margins and stakeholders share pricing. Yet, to keep our doors open our prices have to increase in line with our costs.

The silver lining here is that we are in constant contact with all our suppliers (even potential suppliers). Not only are we tracking the cost pricing on all our materials but we are reviewing them regularly based on a cost/ quality balance.

We should note that we will never compromise on quality in favour of cheaper, inferior materials. We prefer to intelligently assess our services and suppliers on a regular basis.

For many of our materials, we use local small businesses, with whom we have close working relationships. They know our needs inside out, so have the greatest insights into how changes in the market will affect our business and pricing. Therefore, we are able to predict and alter our pricing. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate quotes for custom-built trailers possible.

We would never take advantage of our customers but want you to be well informed of what is going on in our industry. Supply chain problems are now leading to product shortages and potentially longer lead times on the products we use.

Custom made catering trailer with sign writing and logos

This is where our live quote form comes in.

Our Live Quote Form is constantly being updated. Price fluctuations and current delivery times are changed daily. This means that you can instantly see exactly how much your dream trailer build will cost you and when you will receive it.

For a live quote for your custom trailer build please visit our trailer build website here.

Why Has The Price Of Trailers Gone Up Instant custom catering box trailer quote form

How Long Do You Expect Price Increases To Last?

We aren’t going to give you the ‘how long is a piece of string’ response. However, none of our suppliers could give us an answer. Nobody really knows. We estimate at least a couple of years but will be doing our best to keep our prices down and our quality up.

For The Best Trailer Pricing Get Your Order In ASAP

Based on this we would recommend that if you are looking for any type of custom made catering or box trailer you get in touch as soon as possible. Your first port of call should be our Instant Quote Form, then email us if you have further questions or need more information.

We will do the best we can to provide you with the lowest price and highest quality trailer available based on your individual requirements.

You can always check back with our Custom Made Trailer News page for further updates

*N.B. Percentage increases are a general estimation and are only accurate at the time of publication. Information was gathered from our industry suppliers.

Choosing the Right Catering Trailer for You

Choosing the Right Catering Trailer for You

Choosing the Right Catering Trailer for You

How Do I choose My Ideal Catering Trailer?


Choosing your ideal Catering trailer is essentially a two-step process. Firstly choosing a trailer and then find the best trailer manufacturer.

When choosing a catering trailer there are a few important things you need to consider:


Your business needs, budget, ideal design and size

Your Catering Trailer Needs

Thinking about your needs will allow you to select a catering trailer based both on looks and functionality. The convenience and comfort in physically running a mobile catering business can significantly affect its success. Defining and understand your needs before choosing a trailer is therefore key. For this, you need to plan exactly how you want the trailer to work for you and your potential clients.

festival custom built catering trailer

Catering Trailer Budget

Your budget tells you what you can afford and will help narrow down your search. As you look for your ideal catering trailer, it is advisable to use a realistic budget. Some peripheral additions may seem fun to have, but their additional costs may not for into your budget, consider if they are really necessary. Even without currently trendy additions you can have an incredible catering trailer that stands out and delivers high-quality functionality for years to come. You can always fill our instant quote form to see the cost of additions.

Ideal Catering Trailer Design

Once you know your catering trailer needs, you can find a trailer that bests suits your specific requirements.
SBTrailers can build and customise a catering trailer around your preferred design. Your individual specifications can be added to this, including worktops, electrics, sinks, venting fans, and storage.

Here is a list of design basics to consider:

  • Size (length and width)
  • Axel and Braking type (see our guide to braking types here)
  • External colour
  • Lining type
  • Worktops
  • Electrics
  • Sinks
  • Vents
  • Signage
  • Door type
  • Storage

All of these factors will affect the usage and internal and external layout of your ideal catering trailer.

Custom Trailer Extras Two Stainless Sinks and Hand Whale Pump
Trailer Extra Options Roof Vent
Trailer Extra Options Scissor Stands

Catering Trailer Size

Deciding on the size and therefore capacity of your catering trailer is essential and a great place to start. You will need a space that you can efficiently work in and store your items.

Will you need a gas compartment or a larger worktop for hotplates? Think about the optimum size for the service you intend to supply, the number of customers, and internal storage requirements.

Your ability to store your trailer when not in use will also influence a decision on size, will it easily fit? What size of trailer will be easily maneuvered in and out of your intended storage?

We offer a range of trailer sizes to suit a variety of needs from 7x6ft up to 10x6ft. Once you have an idea of your ideal catering trailer you will need to look at Catering Trailer manufacturers…

6 foot trailer size custom catering trailer being built
Custom catering trailer fully built to specifications

How Do I Choose The Best Catering Trailer Manufacturer?


As with any business, there are risks involved in owning a mobile catering company, when run correctly the rewards can be amazing. Choosing the right Catering Trailer Manufacturer will help you on the path to success, they will also be able to help you choose your ideal trailer based on your needs.

When choosing a catering trailer manufacturer consider:


Their experience, quality and customer service

Trailer Building Experience

When choosing a catering trailer manufacturer, try to choose a well-established company that can provide you with a wealth of experience and knowledge. SBTrailers have manufactured custom-designed catering trailers for over a decade. As a family-run business understanding our customers’ needs in order to create catering trailers that perfectly their requirements is our priority.

Trailer build experience construction process
Trailer build construction process

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Experience in the manufacture and use of catering trailers has taught us that the quality of a catering trailer is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the build. A quality trailer built to your exact standards will reliably fulfill your needs for many years.

As a leading UK-based catering trailer manufacturer SBTrailers are known for our superior quality builds at industry-leading value for money. All of our catering trailers are handmade from high-quality Aluminium Composite Sheeting, not cheaper, lower-quality GRP.

Maximise Your Potential

Only you know your exact catering needs, allowing you to effectively operate at events now and in the future. It is therefore important that your trailer is exactly designed with these specifications in mind. Look at what is available and what is possible from the barebones of manufacturing to the practical usage itself. SBTrailers offer a range of trailers and extras, covering all requirements.

The Difference Between Braked & Unbraked Trailers

The Difference Between Braked & Unbraked Trailers

The Difference Between Braked & Unbraked Trailers

Trailer Braking Types

A common catering trailer question we hear all of the time is “What is the difference between braked and unbraked trailers?”

The braking type fitted to a trailer has implications for cost and safety. It should be closely examined when choosing a trailer build.

The differences between braked and unbraked trailers are significant. Especially when considering the Gross Vehicle Weight of a trailer and the UK legal requirements that apply.

An Unbraked Trailer


In layman’s terms, has no brakes so that the vehicle towing does all the braking.

The government requirements state here that:

“A trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 750kg or lower, is not required to have brakes, but if brakes are fitted they must be in full working order.”

VOSA/ DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency) considers these as Class 01, Very light Trailers as unbraked, if braked – Class 02.

Questions for catering trailers manufacturer

A Braked Trailer


In layman’s terms, has brakes fitted. These will apply through a mechanical linkage connected to the towing vehicle

The government requirements also states here that:

“A trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight from 751kg up to 3,500kg is required to have brakes, normally over-run (inertia) brakes that operate automatically are fitted.”

VOSA considers these as Class 02, Light Trailers

Gross Vehicle Weight


Is defined as:

“This is specified by the manufacturer and it means the maximum weight the vehicle or trailer is allowed to be when fully loaded. It is the unladen weight of a vehicle plus the maximum permitted payload. Also known as Maximum Permissible Mass, item F1 on the V5C.”

Are Your Braked Trailers Tested/ VOSA/DVSA Approved?


When it comes to VOSA/DVSA each of our trailers are “Individually Type Approved”.


This means that each of our trailers is VOSA/DVSA tested and approved before being used. If brakes are fitted to one of our trailers they are VOSA tested and approved. This price is included in our trailer quotes.

What brakes do you fit to your braked trailers?


The Best Possible Trailer Brakes


Over a period of six years, SBTrailers has tried and tested various types of and brands of braking.

We now only recommend and fit Knott Avonride brakes to all our braked trailers. These are considered to be the most reliable trailer brakes available.

Catering trailer brakes during construction process
Trailer wheels and brakes during construction process

What Type Of Braking Would You Recommend?


Trailer braking type is down to personal choice and requirements.


For the majority, we would recommend choosing a braked trailer for several reasons.


1. Equipment Allowance

With a braked trailer you are able to tow more weight. You thus have more allowance for equipment.


2. Future-Proofing

Braking on a trailer adds a certain amount of future-readiness. You may currently want very few additions. If you want to update what the trailer is carrying a braked trailer would allow more expansion.


3. Safety

With trailer safety, it’s simple, the better the braking the safer you are when towing.


4. Static Braking

Braked trailers have the equivalent of a handbrake in a car. You stop, level, apply stands and brake.
With an unbraked trailer you will have to transport and apply chocs after levelling to prevent movement when unhitched. Braked trailers mean less fuss.

Custom built braked catering trailer

Does my driving licence affect whether I can tow a trailer?


Yes. The law is based on when you passed and the trailer/ towing vehicle weight.

UK driving licence towing trailer

Up until the 2nd January 1997


Anyone who passed their car driving test before this date acquires ‘grandfather rights’. This allows the holder of the licence to tow a trailer over 750kg and a combination of car and trailer over 3500kg.


From 3rd January 1997 – 12th January 2013


Things changed due to EU Directives. When a driver passed their car driving test during this period they are only allowed to tow a trailer up to a weight of 750kg if their vehicle’s gross weight is 3500kg or a heavier braked trailer as long as the combination of car and trailer does not exceed 3500kg.

If a driver needs to tow a trailer over 750kg or the combined weight exceeds 3500kg, they must pass a separate category B+E test.


Since 13th January 2013


All new drivers can only tow a trailer as long as the combined weight does not exceed 3500kg.

Do I Need To Do A Trailer Test?


That will depend on when you obtained your driving licence and the weight of the trailer and towing vehicle (as above).


If you are thinking of towing a ‘light trailer’ we would definitely recommend practising, training or a car and trailer test before taking it out on the road.

You can find more information from the government on Car and Trailer Tests here.

When it comes to braking and trailer weight not abiding by the law could lead to points issued to the driver. If towing for work, the employer may have to pay a substantial fine.

towing braked catering trailer

General Advice On Braked/ Unbraked Trailers


To conclude, you do not necessarily need a braked trailer. However, you should definitely check the law on towing trailers and how it applies to you.

Also, consider the safety aspects of adding brakes. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you have any further questions about the appropriate type of braking for your trailer build please contact us.